Welcome to a World of New Adventures…and RIsks!

Yellowstone and the Cooke City area is a very special place with lots of new experiences and adventures for you to try. It is probably very different from what you are used to, which means there are different risks here than you may have faced before. We care very deeply about your personal safety at The Alpine, but you have to take responsibility for your own safety.

Traffic Safety

Traffic accidents are the greatest cause of death and injury in the National Park. Drive cautiously, watch for wildlife, use pullouts and do not stop in the middle of a roadway.

Thermal Features Safety
Water is geysers can several burn or kill you. Some pools are highly acidic or alkaline and can dissolve human flesh. Stay on boardwalks and trails and do not push or shove people. Keep hands out. Do not throw trash into hydrothermal features.

Wildlife Safety
Animals in Yellowstone are wild and dangerous. Stay 100 yards away from bears and wolves. Stay 25 yards away from all other animals. Bison, elk and bears have killed humans in the park. Do not feed animals, evens birds and squirrels. Store any food securely.

Bear Safety

  • Be alert. Watch for signs of bears, bear tracks or scat.
  • Carry bear spray and know how to use it.
  • Hike in groups of three or more people.
  • Make noise to prevent surprise encounters.
  • Never run from a bear. They instinctively chase running prey and are much faster than you.
  • If you encounter a bear, slowly back away.
  • If the bear charges you, stand your ground and use bear spray.
  • If the bear makes contact with you, fall onto your stomach and play dead.
  • If a bear attacks, fight back.

    • Great location    A little less traveled area around Yellowstone, Cooke City is high on atmosphere. It's just the right size for a stroll around town. This motel is very basic, but it was clean and we slept well here. The staff was very friendly.


    • Good base-camp  - We stayed in 2 bedroom suite. It had full kitchen with lots of room. Two bedrooms with comfortable beds, one nice bath. We brought our own food and enjoyed great meal. The acccess to Yellowstone is great- only minutes from Lamar Valley for elk, bison, wolf viewing. Definitely recommend as comfortable, value priced base camp for Yellowstone adventures.

      Tom J

    • 5.0
      We arrived at 8:30pm and they were waiting for us---we were the last to arrive for the day. We stayed for 3 nights. The surrounding area is delightful and although our rooms were dated, they were clean and the beds were very comfortable. The location was perfect for our needs---we were there to watch for moose, bear, and wolves in the Lamar Valley of Yellowstone. It was a 30 minute drive between our hotel and this area. The bar across the street had amazing pizza and buffalo burgers. The Soda Butte hotel about a block up the street had good breakfasts and we also enjoyed the bakery about another block up. Ashley, the clerk on duty, provided me with great info about where to go to spot moose as well as good places to eat. The town is about 140 people and most things close up around Sept 15th because the weather starts to turn bad. We would definitely stay there again. We are from a small town ourselves and found everyone to be very friendly. We just fit in. If you are looking for amenities, this is not a place for you:) We had all the basic creature comforts but it is rustic and we found it to be charming. We were there to sleep and did not need much beyond a warm shower each morning:)

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